Early Development

REACH's Brain Fit Kids series helps parents Parent with a Purpose and maximize their child’s physical, intellectual, and social development.

About Us

REACH provides parents and professionals working with children, an unprecedented ability to ensure that the next generation can accomplish their dreams.

Children with Special Needs

For parents frustrated from trying to alleviate their struggling child’s pain, REACH is the source of realistic hope that leaves passive acceptance behind on the path of positive proactivity.

The Reach Difference

Our mission is to transform children’s lives by empowering parents and professionals with knowledge and tools related to human brain development and purposeful parenting.
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Charles and Conceição Solis, the directors of REACH, have 40 years of experience teaching parents of every social class, on every continent except Antarctica, how to transform their children’s lives through improved brain development. All children can benefit from the REACH Method. Well children develop enhanced ability, have a higher chance of success and avoid developmental problems. Children with developmental difficulties often overcome their obstacles and achieve their highest potential.
We focus on the development of the human brain. Why? Because all ability is the direct result of brain development. Therefore, optimum brain function is a prerequisite to the achievement of one’s potential. Children are not their labels. We focus on ability rather than diagnosis. We simply ask what can children do and how can we help them do more? For us, children are children first.
There is no greater or more dynamic learning team than the family. The REACH Method empowers parents with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to transform their child’s life.

“I just feel like he is making amazing progress”

“It is so nice to be in partnership with a group that looks for his strengths and loves him for who he is and is doing their best to help us help him reach his potential”