We are so excited to be launching our new blog along with our new website. This is a place for all parents – parents whose children are thriving, parents whose children are struggling, expectant parents and those of you who one day plan to be a parent! If you want to give your children the opportunity to be their best, this blog is for you!

Charlie and I teach parents about brain development, helping them raise their children purposefully with the brain in mind. We know that parents are their child’s most important teachers and that by teaching parents we empower them to make good decisions and choices regarding their children.

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Brain Organization, the key to success

Why do so many children struggle in school

Nutrition, how important it is for my child’s development


In the course of our work we see some amazing changes – average children thrive, children who are failing turn around and succeed, children with poor social skills become socially adept, poorly behaved children behave appropriately, and sometimes even blind children learn to see, and immobile children learn to move.

While working with the parents of children with difficulties we often get to watch their other children develop also. And develop they do!!! Because our parents learn about brain development and organization, and apply that knowledge to all of their children, we see lots of kids grow up with above average ability and tremendous compassion. Those children will grow up to be bright and compassionate adults!

This blog is an educational tool to help you raise your children with confidence and purpose. We want it to be informative, fun, inspirational and practical. We will cover many subjects related to parenting and raising children, always keeping the development of the brain in mind.

Since our objective is to teach parents and answer your needs we welcome any requests for posts about specific topics that you want us to address. We also want to hear from you so please join in on the conversation. There’s a lot we can learn from each other!

We look forward to helping you. Stay tuned for the next post!



  1. I have a 10 year old daughter who has had multiple issues throughout her short lifetime. Right now we are dealing with the fact she has started her menses, we recently took her to a pediatric endocrinologist, who told us she has reached full puberty, from the looks of her bone age x-ray her bones are at the age of a 13 year old. The problem is her maturity level is at about an 8 year old. She gets a lot of peer pressure from girls at school about wearing makeup, doing her hair just right or wearing certain clothes. She is also picked on tremendously by boys her own age. We are concerned as parents that the fact she looks older she is wanting to grow up faster. Looking for advise or words of wisdom, Much appreciated:)

  2. Carrie – Your daughter’s maturity level is definitely a concern but fortunately it can be improved. Take a look at Rosalie’s story under “Success Stories” on our website. Self-confidence, maturity, understanding and all other functions are directly related to brain organization. The more organized the brain, the better we function. This is the whole purpose of our Brain-Fit Kids Workshop series. For now, I’d suggest you make sure you keep your daughter in a controlled and well supervised environment until your she is capable of handling the pressures. Feel free to email admin@reachfamilyinstitute.org for more personalized assistance.

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