Raising compassionate, happy and highly capable children


This past November, Conceição and I became grandparents for the first time. John Charles Gaither, named in honor of his grandfathers and great grandfathers on both sides of the family, is the new joy of our life. It is a joy that is difficult to describe.


The birth of our grandson has greatly increased our sense of urgency about the current state of affairs for so many of our children. So many struggle with developmental delays, attention problems, behavior problems and learning problems. The statistics are truly staggering. And many children who seem to be fine are actually functioning far below their true potential. The sad part of all of this is that only a tiny minority of those children have a physical brain injury affecting their development. The vast majority of them struggle simply because their parents are misinformed or uninformed about what constitutes and contributes to good brain development.

The human brain is constantly being molded by experience from the time a baby’s central nervous system is formed during fetal development. Once the baby is born that process takes off like a rocket. But not all experiences are equal in terms of their effect on the brain. The type of experience and the quality of the experience matters a great deal. It matters because the brain is the key to good physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Why is this knowledge important for parents? Because parents influence physical. intellectual, emotional and social development during the most critical period of a child’s life far more than any teacher or coach ever will.


For that reason we created our BrainFit Kids Workshop Series, 7 workshops that cover all aspects of child development with a focus on the crucial role that the brain plays in the final outcome. The first workshop in the series, Purposeful Parenting 101™, is the foundation on which all of the others rest. Designed for expectant parents and those with children under three, the workshop explains child development with a focus on the developing brain and highlights six activities that maximize a child’s potential, simple ideas with profound impact.

We are thrilled to announce that we are teaching our Purposeful Parenting 101™ workshop in Seattle WA, Portland OR, South Bend IN, Chicago IL and Madison WI in the next two months. Visit www.brainfitkids.com for full details and to register for a workshop in a location near you.

We are determined to leave a legacy by helping this generation of parents raise children who are compassionate, happy and highly capable, one family at a time. We invite you to join us.

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