So just what is Purposeful Parenting?


I think it is safe to say that from the moment a couple learns they are expecting a child, they begin to have hopes and dreams for their little one. Some parents have really specific dreams but mostly parents dream that their child will grow up to be healthy, capable, successful and happy. And so the little bundle of joy is born and then most parents cross their fingers and hope their dream comes true. That may seem like a pretty crazy thing to do given that the well being and development of their child is a parent’s most important responsibility. Yet it is the norm.

[callout title=Purposeful Parenting…]is parenting with the brain in mind for the purpose of ensuring that children have the greatest number of options and therefore the best possible chance to reach their God-given potential.[/callout]

Surprisingly, most parents spend more time researching the purchase of a television, stereo system or computer than they do learning about how their child, and particularly their child’s brain, develops. Most parents simply assume that development will happen. Sometimes it does. But all too often it doesn’t. Today, we have an epidemic of children diagnosed with attention problems, behavior problems and learning difficulties. More than 5 million American children take drugs for attention problems alone.

Children who grow up with developmental difficulties struggle because, as a result of their limitations, they have fewer options in life. Because of this they have a hard time being healthy, successful and happy. The tragedy is that most of this suffering is completely avoidable if only parents knew how to foster the development of that amazing, extraordinary brain their child is born with.

That is what Purposeful Parenting is all about. It is parenting with the brain in mind. It is not about children becoming little geniuses. It is not about rushing a child’s development. It is about parenting for the purpose of ensuring that children have the greatest number of options available to them and therefore the best possible chance to reach their God-given potential whatever that may be. When children have a wide range of options available to them they can choose to follow whatever path ignites their passions. That is the gateway to a life filled with meaning, success and happiness.

On Sunday, August 24th the REACH Family Institute will host its workshop on Purposeful Parenting in Medford OR. The Purposeful Parenting 101 workshop explains child development with a focus on the developing brain and shares proven techniques perfected over years of hands on application at the REACH Family Institute.

This workshop benefits expectant parents and those with children from newborns to 3. Pre-registration is required and seating is limited.

Workshop Details – here is the nuts and bolts of what the workshop covers:

Overview of Child brain development during the first three years of life:

  • Basic Brain Anatomy
  • Laws and principles of brain development
  • Levels of child brain development – REACH Developmental Profile
  • Application of laws and principles of brain development throughout early childhood

 6 best practices to improve brain development, ensure your child’s development and maximize potential – simple ideas with profound impact:

  • Creating attachment – importance of breastfeeding, sleep, touch, mutual gaze
  • Talking to children – sounds like common sense yet often parents talk about and to their children but not with them
  • Reading to children – essential for developing a love of reading and learning
  • Creating opportunity for movement – mobility is the key to brain organization, how it develops matters
  • Importance of hands-on play opportunities – modern technology is a threat to the kind of play that enhances brain development
  • Feeding your child well – the raw material for brain chemistry comes from our diet, we really are what we eat

Medford OR

Time: Sunday, August 24th from 1:00 – 4:00 PM


Kid Time!

106 N. Central Avenue,

Medford, OR 97501

Parents may bring young children to the workshop if alternative childcare cannot be arranged.  Because we cannot provide childcare at the workshop, we recommend that both parents be present if you are bringing a child over the age of one.

Please dress comfortably.

Cost: $30/person, $40/couple

Register at:

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