A new look for REACH


For some time now we at the REACH Family Institute have struggled with how to create a look that truly reflects what makes our contribution to the world so special.

We are a tiny group that is passionate about children and the human brain. We are pioneers in the field of child brain development and experts in the creation and improvement of human functional ability.

Our work applies to children whose level of function ranges from coma or no ability on one end of the functional spectrum to children of above average ability on the other end. As such, we work with children of every possible diagnosis and those with no diagnosis. We believe that every child has innate value and dignity, regardless of diagnosis, and each deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential.

We are convinced that every single child has potential beyond knowing and that there is always hope for the future because of the miracle of the human brain. We know from many years of experience that each child’s best chance of reaching their developmental potential lies within the family. This is because parents are the first and most influential teachers any child will ever have and the family is a reservoir of human love, the most powerful force on the planet.

We know the knowledge we have is precious beyond counting. We know it can change the world. We know this because we see it change children and families and communities every day. The ripple effect of positive change is a beautiful thing to watch. If we can make those ripples go out far enough we will change the world.

So the challenge was how to express all of those ideas and beliefs in a simple image. We are extremely grateful for the talent of Leigh Roach of Ideaist Designs who took everything we wanted to express and distilled it down to its essence. Click on the arrow below for a nice example of Leigh’s creativity.

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