2016 Annual Appeal

Dear friends and supporters of the REACH Family Institute,

Charlie and I hope you all had a great year, a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and are looking forward to a healthy, peaceful and successful 2017! We are writing today to say thank you for your interest in our work, to share some wonderful results with you and to ask for your support.


Our goal is for every child to reach their potential. We envision a world full of valued, capable and compassionate children. It’s a tall order and we need your help! We know that there are a lot of needs and many good causes to support. So, we want to share with you our children’s successes, our goals and our needs for the upcoming year. In the past, we have shared a story of one of our children with you to demonstrate what is possible. This year I want to give you a broader picture of our children’s results. Here are some reasons to consider supporting the REACH Family Institute.

At each visit we ask parents to give their opinion of their child’s overall progress since the last visit. This year they voted as follows:

  • Excellent – 36%
  • Very Good – 41%
  • Good – 18.5%
  • Fair – 4.5%
  • Poor – 0%
  • Zero – 0%

We track results in many areas. Here is the percentage of children with:

  • Improved Vision – 64%
  • Improved Reading – 32%
  • Improved Understanding – 68%
  • Improved Language – 50%
  • Improved Manual Ability – 54%
  • Improved Coordination – 73%
  • Improved Balance – 41%
  • Improved Reaction to Pain – 23%
  • Increased Strength – 41%
  • Increased Endurance – 36%
  • Decreased Hypersensitivity to Sound/Touch – 50%
  • Improved Health – 41% including decrease in seizures

In children with Social/Behavior issues:

  • Improved Behavior – 100%
  • Improved Social Skills – 86%

It is important to point out that this year in addition to the above results we have…

  • 1 child who was cortically blind who can now see
  • 1 child who could not read who can now read and
  • 1 child who started reading at the age 15 who can now read well at age of 17

REACH serves children with many diagnoses whose difficulties range from severe brain damage to mild learning difficulties. No child is ever denied help because of the severity of their problems. We empower parents with knowledge and how to apply it. The results are often dramatic!

There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than seeing a child thrive against all odds! What is sad and frustrating for us is when a family has financial need and we don’t have the funds to help them. Medical insurance does not cover our program and we do not receive funds from any governmental entities. We count solely on consultation fees and on donations from good people like you who believe in our work and want to be a part of the solution.

This year our Home Program population doubled from the previous year, for which we are extremely grateful. Our goal for 2017 is to keep the momentum going and double it again. We greatly appreciate your support and thank you in advance should you be moved to make a financial contribution. Please donate by check or online.

Wishing you and your family a Peaceful, Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!


Conceição and Charlie Solis

REACH Family Institute

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