A new look for REACH

For some time now we at the REACH Family Institute have struggled with how to create a look that truly reflects what makes our contribution to the world so special. We are a tiny group that is passionate about children and the human brain. We are pioneers in the field of child brain development and… Continue Reading

Lessons in love

  Two days ago, Alexandre Bilodeau of Canada won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s mogul event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It is his second gold medal in the event in two consecutive Olympics. That, all by itself, is an extraordinary achievement. It’s also a splendid example of superior brain organization… Continue Reading

So just what is Purposeful Parenting?

I think it is safe to say that from the moment a couple learns they are expecting a child, they begin to have hopes and dreams for their little one. Some parents have really specific dreams but mostly parents dream that their child will grow up to be healthy, capable, successful and happy. And so… Continue Reading

Ability and the Power of Potential

  Recently, I spoke with one of our Home Program moms. She related to me how skeptical she was about our program prior to making the decision to give it a try for her son with autism. In her mind, she had already tried everything so what could we possibly provide that nobody else had… Continue Reading

Hope and the biological reality of brain plasticity

This article is longer than usual but hopefully people will find it worth the effort. Plus, it’s my blog so I get to do that. It is dedicated to the good folks at the Global Hydranencephaly Foundation in celebration of June 2013 being Unofficial Hydranencephaly Awareness Month. The symbol of the foundation is the bumblebee because “Aerodynamically, the… Continue Reading

Music to Grow the Brain

Today, we have a special treat for you. Music to Grow the Brain is a guest post by our dear friend and colleague, Gail Engebretson. Gail probably has more hands-on knowledge and experience teaching music to children and using music to develop the brain than just about anyone on the planet. Gail teaches music in Madison, Wisconsin… Continue Reading

ADHD… real disorder or figment of the imagination?

One of the interesting things about the ADHD issue is how polarizing it is. On the one hand are those who think that all children should conform to an arbitrary standard of behavior that is largely determined by a school system designed in the 19th century to produce factory workers. Good children sit still, pay… Continue Reading