BrainFit Kids in Action – An Educational Series and Playgroup on Parenting with the Brain in Mind

BrainFit Kids 101 – Simple Ideas with Profound Impact

Are you wondering why tummy time is important? Curious about what key things you should be doing at home with your new baby?  This series begins with an evening talk by Charles and Conceição Solis, specialists in child brain development, in which they will give an overview of child development with a focus on the developing brain and share proven techniques they have perfected over decades of hands on clinical application.


There will then be 6 subsequent playgroups in which Juliana Gaither will teach 6 essential activities that maximize your child’s potential.  Simple ideas with profound impact.  These sessions will be casual so you can bring your little ones and they can play while you learn key tools to help your baby in this crucial time of development.  There will be lots of time for hands on interaction with your baby in a comfortable environment where we can have good discussion and answer practical questions.  

This series benefits expectant parents and those with children under 16 months.  For more workshop details see information below Paypal registration.  Pre-registration is required, seating is limited.

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BrainFit Kids in Action Details


Introduction to BrainFit Kids 101:
Thursday, April 6 @ 7 pm – free to attend – Registration Required!

Note: Parents are welcome to bring infants if alternative childcare cannot be arranged though in this case we strongly encourage both parents to attend.

Classes and Playgroup will meet for 50 minutes
Every Friday at 10am beginning April 21 on the following dates:  4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/26, 6/2 and 6/9 

Note: These sessions are meant for infants from birth – 15 months.


Abby Evans Photography Studio – 707 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago IL 60614


$75 / 7-week session

BrainFit Kids in Action

For more information email:

Introduction to BrainFit Kids 101 Agenda:

Learn the basics of brain development and organization and how it relates to the development of your child’s functional ability and success in life.

Overview of child brain development during the first three years of life and a few best practices to accelerate your child’s development and maximize potential

  • Basic Brain Anatomy
  • Laws and principles of brain development
  • Levels of child brain development – REACH Developmental Profile
  • Application of laws and principles of brain development throughout early childhood

Class/Playgroup Topics:

  • Creating Attachment – Breastfeeding, touch, sleeping arrangements and response to crying
  • Tummy Time 1 – Why mobility is so important to brain development and how to create opportunity for movement
  • Tummy Time 2 – Great tips for successful tummy crawling
  • Talking and Reading – “How to” suggestions for making talking and reading a way of life
  • Tummy Time 3 – The secrets to successful creeping and walking
  • Hands on Play – Creative ideas for engaging your child in hands-on play