Success Stories

     8 Months Before Program           3 Months After Start of Program                     One Year Later

“Over the last year and a half, Rosalie has made huge leaps and bounds of growth! She is less shy, is more confident and happy, able to keep up with her siblings and peers physically, interacts with other adults besides just Reid and I, looks people in the eye (even if she IS too shy to speak to them sometimes), has improved her vision, her voice is strong and sure instead of just above a whisper, she is more adventurous, is less picky with her foods, doesn’t melt down anymore, has learned to read and is reading chapter books (I didn’t know if she would ever be able to read!) and much much more.  Rosalie has steadily improved since day one… no plateaus, just consistent, steady growth. It is amazing and awesome, and she is an inspiration to me with all her hard work and her “can do” attitude. She’s a fighter, determined in her own quiet way. I’m not even sure she realizes the magnitude of all she’s accomplished in the last year and a half. But I am so proud of her.” Carrie Kisling Newberg, Oregon USA


“Casen is 10 years old now and just finished her first semester at a private school after homeschooling for 5 years. She is getting A’s in every subject.  She is loving school, loving learning, socializing well with peers and you can see her self-confidence grow day by day. Without REACH and the work we have done with Casen, I am positive this would not be the case. One of the most fragile and difficult things about a child having neurological difficulties is watching them become more and more aware of the differences between themselves and their peers as they age. Even homeschooling, I saw this process with Casen and we had to work through so much low self-esteem which lead to withdrawn behavior and lack of motivation. With what we learn from REACH and the tools they give us to work with Casen in each season of her life she has been empowered to work through her difficulties and believe that she can succeed. I, as Casen’s Mom, will never take for granted the complexity of the brain and it’s functions– how complex it is to learn to move, to crawl, to run, to read, to write. But, through our experience and the help of REACH, I will always proclaim that kids, whatever their difficulties can be helped! It takes the right information and a way to implement it for each child and they can find a path to their own potential. They just need to be given the tools. Thanks REACH for giving us these tools!”  Corrie Dunkin Grants Pass, Oregon USA


“We cannot thank you two enough for the boost of confidence that you have given us, and especially for the help that you have provided thus far for Mackenzie. I cannot believe the amount of change she is showing in so little time!  You are amazing!!!”  Desiray Nelson Onida, South Dakota USA


“It now seems a long time, but 23 years ago, when we took our daughter Kate to the Reach Family Institute, we weren’t sure just how we would all be able to create such a wonderful and productive life for our brain-injured child. The doctors and therapists who had been treating Kate for the first 3 years of her life didn’t fill us with much hope for a life as a fully participating member of society. The Reach Family Institute developed an individual course of activities for us to do with Kate based on her individual needs.  With two other children in the family we made a game of her “program” and everyone was included, sometimes even neighbors, extended family and friends! We did the program with Kate for 2 years full time, 6 days a week, and then moved to part time as she entered school, for the next few years. Some of the sound principles of the program drove our decision making for the rest of her time at home. Her early school years were amazingly successful! She went from a child who spoke little and was rarely understood to a child who loved to talk and communicate. Her behavior turned from one of quiet watching with frequent outbursts of frustration to a willingness to step out and try new things and an ability to learn to cope with frustrations before reaching the breaking point. Her confidence in herself and her abilities blossomed more than we could have ever dreamed of. She was able to stay up with most of her studies in school and went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Oregon University. She is now living independently, drives a car, balances her budget, works a 40 hour work week and supports herself. Needless to say, we can not say enough about the incredible support, direction and assistance she was blessed to receive by way of the incredible Reach Family Institute.” Dave & Marge Bernard Ashland, Oregon USA