Home Program

What is the REACH Home Program and who can benefit from it?

REACH’s Home Program (RHP) is a comprehensive, individualized program of accelerated brain development, designed to meet each child’s special needs. As the name implies the program is taught to parents and carried out at home. The program addresses the development and organization of the whole brain.

Every program has at least some of the following components – sensory stimulation, intellectual stimulation/development, brain organization, physical/motor development, sensory integration, vestibular stimulation/development, and a physiological program dealing with nutrition, breathing, and adequate light exposure.

RHP is offered to families with children and young adults who have developmental difficulties and  are functioning below age level in some or all areas of ability.  Children and young adults come to us with many different diagnoses – Learning Disability, Cognitive Disabilities, Global Developmental Delay, Sensory Integration Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Delay, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder or PDD, Autism, Down syndrome or Trisomy 21, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Blindness, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Injury, Coma, etc. Regardless of a child’s diagnosis, what we focus on is your child’s present ability and what we need to do to create or improve their abilities.

Children of all ages are candidates for the RHP. We work with children from birth to adulthood. The earlier a child starts the program the better, but thanks to brain plasticity it is never too late to start.

What are the benefits of the REACH Home Program for your child and for your family?

There are many benefits but the following are of particular note:

  • Your child receives an individualized program that addresses your child’s specific needs and issues and is designed to improve all areas of the brain.
  • We partner with parents in the decision making process on all issues related to your child. So, our parents feel empowered to make the best choices for their children.
  • Our families save time by not having to drive all over town to so many different therapists.
  • Recommendations or referrals are given to parents when other professionals are needed.
  • Because we educate parents on Human Brain Development the other children in the family also benefit from this knowledge.
  • Parents who both work outside the home can still have their child benefit from a tailored program by having their caretaker attend the workshop and/or Initial consultation to learn how to best address their child’s needs.

How do the consultations work?

Initial Consultation – done over three days

  • Evaluation Day – The purpose of the Evaluation Day is for us to learn about your child. We take a complete developmental history, perform a functional evaluation of 6 areas of function (Vision, Hearing and Understanding, Tactile Ability, Mobility, Language, and Manual Ability), and, for those younger than 18 yrs of age, we take physical measurements. After all of the information is gathered we then present our findings to the parents.
  • Program Day – On the Program Day parents come with their child and we teach, in precise detail, the program that we designed to meet their child’s special needs.
  • Lecture Day – Parents attend our workshop, “How to Unleash Your Child’s Hidden Potential”. This lecture is required and is for parents only. Parents must make arrangements to have their child cared for elsewhere. The purpose of the lecture is to give parents a good general understanding of brain development and the philosophy of the program.

Revisit Consultation – done over two days

  • Evaluation Day – On this day we take a history to learn what has happened since the previous visit. We perform a functional evaluation of 6 areas of function (Vision, Hearing and Understanding, Tactile Ability, Mobility, Language, and Manual Ability) and take physical measurements. After all of the information is gathered we discuss the child’s progress with the parents. Parents also bring a DVD of their child doing the program at home. After the parents leave, we meet to watch the video and design a new program.
  • Program Day – On the Program Day we return the DVD to the parents along with our comments and we teach, in precise detail, a new program designed to meet their child’s special needs.

Ongoing Support Services

  • Interim Reports – In between consultations parents are asked to email us a Report on their child’s program and progress.
  • Emails and phone calls – Parents are encouraged to contact us with any questions or difficulties they might have as often as needed.
  • Educational Support – Blog and Facebook Page

Note: All ongoing support services are provided free of charge.

Where are consultations held?

Consultations are offered at our international headquarters in Medford, Oregon and in France in Sennely, near Orleans.

UNITED STATES – Charles and Conceição welcome families and members of the REACH community, from throughout the United States and around the world, to their home base in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon.  Located midway between San Francisco and Portland, the Rogue Valley’s many cultural and natural attractions enable families to have a life changing vacation when they come for their consultations.  Charles and Conceição ensure families an empathetic, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere. The experience is part spiritual retreat and part summer camp.

FRANCE – For 28 years, families in France have also benefited from the vast experience of the REACH team during our bi-annual clinics in Europe. Charles and Conceição welcome families and members of the REACH community, from throughout France and Europe to their home away from home in the beautiful and peaceful Sologne region of FRANCE. Located southeast of ORLEANS, about 2 hours from PARIS, the many cultural attractions of the Loire Valley and the natural beauty of the Sologne enable our families to have a relaxing vacation when they come for their consultation.

How long does a child need to be on the program and how many hours during the day does it take?

  • The amount of time a child will stay on the program depends on many factors. In order to give RHP and your child a fair chance, we believe that parents should commit themselves for a period of 2 years when joining the program. They make this commitment to themselves. At the end of the 2 years they should analyze their child’s progress and decide if they want to continue. In some cases, after two years the child no longer needs the program. Most families stay on the program for at least four years. A family is free to stop the RHP at any time.
  • Most children do the program 5 to 6 days per week. The program can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 5 hours per day. The amount of program is determined by many factors, most importantly the degree of a child’s difficulties and their age.

To schedule an Initial Consultation, please fill our the Home Program Application form or contact us for more information.