1. Brain Function and Development
  2. Brain Injury, Disability, Learning Problems
  3. Learning, Intelligence and Education
  4. Nutrition and Allergies
  5. Holistic Philosophy
  6. Inspirational

Brain Function and Development

E.B. LeWinn, Human Neurological Organization
Ashley Montagu, Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin
Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code
John J. Ratey, M.D., Spark


Brain Injury, Disability, Learning Problems


Glenn Doman, What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child
Peter R. Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin, The War Against Children

Learning, Intelligence and Education

Glenn Doman, How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence
Glenn Doman, How to Teach Your Baby to Read
Glenn Doman, Teach Your Baby Math
Howard Gardner, Frames of Mind
Howard Gardner, The Unschooled Mind
John T. Gatto, Dumbing Us Down
Stephen Jay Gould, The Mismeasure of Man
Elizabeth G. Hainstock, Teaching Montessori in the Home
Jerry Mander, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
Maria Montessori, The Absorbant Mind
Frank Smith, Insult to Intelligence
Frank Smith, to think

Nutrition and Allergies

Carl C. Pfeiffer, Mental and Elemental Nutrients
Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Is This Your Child?
Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Is This Your Child’s World?
William H. Philpott, M.D. and Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D., Brain Allergies

Holistic Philosophy

Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden, The Body Electric
Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point


Christopher de Vinck, The Power of the Powerless: A Brother’s Legacy of Love
Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning